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In the know

Photo radar under the gun in Quebec

February 9, 2017

Photo radar tickets are under the gun in Quebec, following a series of decisions that have put thousands of tickets in jeopardy after the courts called into question the rules around the province’s use of […]


Quebec chips away at government transparency

January 4, 2017

Quebec, once a pioneer that lead the movement towards greater government transparency, is now among the least transparent provinces in Canada after successive provincial governments introduced more than 150 legislative exemptions that undermined the province’s […]

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Committee recommends Quebec Court judge be dismissed

A Court of Quebec judge should be dismissed for refusing to hear a quarrel between neighbours and for insisting that they negotiate a settlement in small-claims, recommended a judicial inquiry committee.


A divided  five-member committee concluded the proposed sanction against Judge Peter Bradley was severe but deserved since he was the subject of a similar complaint in 2014. In that case he was reprimanded.


The matter will now be examined by the  Quebec Judicial Council who will make a final recommendation to Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee.


Controversial former law society president seeking new term


Lu Chan Khuong, the former president of the Quebec legal society who reluctantly resigned after a bitter and protracted fracas with the board of directors of the Barreau du Québec, is going to try her luck once again.


The Barreau du Quebec will be holding elections this May to elect a new president, and Khuong said in an interview that she "is a person who thrives on challenges. I think that when we make a mistake, even if it is an error of inattention, one has to learn how to get up again."


Khuong was elected president of the Barreau du Québec on May 2015 with 63 per cent of the vote, but was suspended by the Quebec Bar’s board of directors two months later after confidential information was leaked to the media that she had been arrested on suspicion of shoplifting two pairs of jeans in Laval. Khuong, who maintains her innocence, was never charged.




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