OECD hopes reforms will end era of tax avoidance

January 4, 2016

An unprecedented international collaboration on tax reform that recently unveiled sweeping plans to crack down on aggressive tax planning by multinational companies has the potential of becoming the biggest shake-up in international tax rules in […]

Court orders franchisor to pay $16.4 million to franchisees

June 26, 2012

In a “sad saga” of a once successful franchise operation that fell precipitously from grace in less than a decade, a nine-year legal battle came to a bittersweet end after Quebec Superior Court condemned Dunkin’ Brands Canada Ltd. to pay 21 Quebec franchisees $16.4 million for failing to protect its brand in the Quebec market. […]

Quebec Business Corporations Act in force today

February 14, 2011

Quebec’s legislative framework for companies and incorporated in the province, for years practically shunned by the business and legal community, has been revamped, modernized and simplified, drawing praise alike from corporate and commercial lawyers and shareholder activists… […]

Dodd-Frank Act – Americans mean business

February 4, 2011

The Dodd-Frank Act provides the SEC with more enforcement tools and wider jurisdiction and most notably introduces an eye-catching whistleblower bounty — all of which should cause concern for Canadian companies even though the full impact of the new law has yet to be determined. […]

Quebec inches its way towards doctrine of rectification

May 9, 2009

ookie maker par excellence, Monsieur Félix & Mr. Norton, heaved a sigh of relief when Quebec Superior Court annulled a resolution adopted nearly three years ago by the its Board of Directors to dole out dividends totaling $950,000 in a ruling that inches Quebec civil law towards the acceptance of the doctrine of rectification… […]