Anti-vax Quebec lawyer disbarred

An anti-vax Quebec lawyer opposed to COVID-19 health measures was disbarred by the Barreau du Québec after the legal society invoked a little-used section of the Professions Code.

“The Board of Directors of the Quebec Bar has just struck me off [removed my title of lawyer], given my refusal to submit to their psychiatric examination order,” wrote Gloriane Blais, a lawyer from Lac-Mégantic, on her Twitter account.

The Quebec Bar, relying on article 48 of the Professions Code, ordered Blais to undergo a psychiatric exam on February 3rd. Under article 48, the board of directors of a professional order may order a medical examination “where it has reason to believe his physical or mental condition is incompatible with the practice of his profession.”

In light of Blais’ rebuff, the Quebec Bar turned to Article 51 of the Code which grants the board of directors the power to strike off the roll, restrict or suspend a member of an order the right to practice.

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The last time that the Quebec Bar invoked Article 51 was in 2015 in Ciarallo c. Avocats (Ordre professionnel des), 2015 QCTP 62, according to CanLII, a legal database. All told, under 15 cases dealing with Article 51 have been heard by the Quebec Bar’s Disciplinary Committee or the Tribunal des professions, a specialized tribunal.

Blais also faces two disciplinary complaints before the Bar’s Disciplinary Council. Blais allegedly failed in her duty to “uphold the authority of the courts,” according to the first complaint. The second complaint alleges Blais made “derogatory statements” and demonstrated a “lack of objectivity”.

Hearings over the disciplinary complaints are scheduled for March and April 2022.

One thought on “Anti-vax Quebec lawyer disbarred

  1. Daniel+Shays

    This guy is disbarred because he is critical of an experimental vaccine that even it’s promoters at the CDC now admit prevents no one from contracting Covid and it’s him who is mentally disturbed ?

    The sheep must be silenced.

    That’s pretty funny. Totally Orwellian but kind of funny all the same.

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