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Insurance suicide exclusion null and void, rules Quebec Appeal Court

Insurers must clearly indicate exclusions or clauses, particularly clauses dealing with suicide, that reduce coverage under an appropriate heading or risk having the exclusion clause declared null and void, ruled the Quebec Court of Appeal.

McGill law professors on strike

McGill law professors, asserting that the university is negotiating in bad faith, began an unlimited strike two days ago, demanding better pay and working conditions, a halt towards the growing inclination towards centralization at the university, and the safeguarding of collegial governance at the faculty level.

New trend in case law emerges dealing with work-related psychological trauma

A new trend in case law dealing with work-related psychological trauma has emerged over the past year that both clarifies the test dealing with workplace mental injury and will likely lighten the burden for employees to make their case, according to legal pundits.

Court’s approval of remediation agreement yields guidance but raises questions

A remediation agreement sanctioned by Quebec Superior Court, the second in Canada, sheds new guidance and fleshes out principles applicable to the unique regime but also raises concerns over the opaqueness of the process and the relatively hands-off approach by the court.

Quebec Appeal Court seeks to avoid opening floodgates for claims against landlords, say experts

The Quebec Court of Appeal, concerned about opening the “floodgates” for claims against landlords, held that a commercial tenant could not invoke the notion of legal disturbance to stop paying their rent during  the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quebec ruling ‘important step forward’ for labour rights

Quebec’s provincial police officers, dissatisfied with the progress of labour negotiations, will begin donning colourful cargo pants, a tactic that was given the green light by a ruling that recognizes the right to modify uniforms as an “associational activity” that could be protected by the Canadian Charter.

Crypto-asset exchange platforms under the spotlight

The Quebec financial watchdog is clamping down on foreign crypto-asset trading platforms.

Easing of Quebec language law may be helpful for business, but questions remain: legal experts

New regulations aimed at blunting some of the more onerous stipulations of Bill 96, Quebec’s French language law, help take into account practical realities faced by business and organizations but are not the panacea some may think, legal experts warn.

Insurer to pay $1.5 million after Quebec Superior Court deems suicide exclusion to be null and void

Quebec Superior Court ruled that an insurance company must pay beneficiaries $1.5 million because it failed to properly reveal exclusions in an insurance policy.

Competition Bureau to investigate Quebec real estate services market

The Competition Bureau will be investigating conduct by the Quebec Professional Association for Real Estate Brokers (QPAREB) and its subsidiary, Société Centris, regarding real estate data sharing restrictions.

Appeal Court underlines employers do not have a free pass to ask questions to potential employees

A prospective police officer who alleged that the Quebec provincial police force withdrew its pre-employment offer because he has Tourette Syndrome was rebuffed by the Quebec Court of Appeal after it found instead that he was not forthright and did not act in good faith during the hiring process.