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Little awareness by judges over heightened risks of domestic violence during pandemic, asserts study

Canadian judges have demonstrated very little awareness over the heightened risks of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, a situation that should prompt judges to attend comprehensive legal training over what the United Nations has described as the “shadow pandemic,” according to human rights and legal aid experts.

Investors keeping close tabs on Covid public interest measures

Investors hard hit by the public interest interventions may be looking to recoup their losses by turning to investor-state arbitration at a time when there is a growing chorus calling for the suspension of lawsuits over Covid-related government actions.

Unintended consequences of virtual hearings

Months after the Covid-19 pandemic forced the near shutdown of courts across Canada and paved the way for virtual justice, a Quebec lawyer and researcher is hoping that judges and lawyers will be alert to the unintended consequences of conducting justice through the use of technology.

Commercial landlord not entitled to rent due to force majeure, rules Quebec court

In one of the first Covid-19 related lawsuits to surface, a Quebec court held that a commercial landlord was not entitled to collect rent from its tenant because a Quebec government decree that suspended non-essential business activities for three months to stem the flow of the Covid-19 pandemic constitutes force majeure.

Post-COVID-19: Directors face a new set of risks in the 21st century

The global landscape is in flux. Following COVID-19, directors will face a new set of risks in the 21st century.

Academics studying effects of Covid-19 pandemic on law

Quebec law faculties are ramping up research efforts to assess the impact pandemics may have on law and the practice of law.

Time for the Quebec disciplinary council to Zoom out

The Quebec disciplinary council should reconsider its decision to allow the videoconferencing app Zoom.

Covid-19 – Quebec legal developments – April 17

Here are the latest legal developments affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business considering force majeure

Forced to navigate the daunting challenges wreaked by the precipitous outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Canadian businesses are beginning to consider whether to invoke force majeure clauses.

Employers facing challenges over Covid-19

Employers should take steps to deal with the main legal issues and risk management measures that will inevitably surface as the world comes to grip with Covid-19.

Quebec bar launches free telephone call-in legal clinic

The Quebec law society has launched a free telephone call-in legal clinic to help citizens with questions they may have regarding their rights and responsibilities in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.