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Quebec law society disbars 84 lawyers

A staggering 84 lawyers have been disbarred by the Board of Directors of the Barreau du Québec.

Law schools falls short of preparing students for practice, survey says

Law schools falls short of preparing students for practice, survey says.

McGill law professors on strike

McGill law professors, asserting that the university is negotiating in bad faith, began an unlimited strike two days ago, demanding better pay and working conditions, a halt towards the growing inclination towards centralization at the university, and the safeguarding of collegial governance at the faculty level.

Montreal lawyer disqualified as representative counsel in proposed cryptocurrency class action

A Montreal lawyer was disqualified as representative counsel in proposed cryptocurrency class action.

Steps need to be taken to help women lawyers be on a more equal footing: experts and report

An overhaul of the legal business paradigm coupled with more women attaining positions of power and greater transparency over remuneration are key towards helping women achieve more parity and to stem their exodus from the legal profession, urges a report and legal pundits.

Quebec women lawyers make strides but still face significant obstacles, says report and legal experts

Women have made significant strides in the legal profession since they have become the majority of lawyers in Quebec nearly a decade ago. However, they still face considerable obstacles over pay equity, access to partnerships or leadership positions, work-life balance and suffer silently due to sexual harassment and discrimination, prompting many to shun private practice and leave the profession far earlier than men, according to a report and leading Quebec legal actors.

Quebec legal world divided over notaries gaining access to the bench

The Quebec government, after scant debate and without the input or testimony of several major legal actors, has forged ahead in spite of forceful opposition by lawyers’ organizations with a controversial and divisive bill that will allow notaries to be appointed to the bench of provincial courts.

Mediator mandated to resolve issues between Quebec Justice Minister and Chief Justice

In an unprecedented move in recent history, a former Quebec Appeal Court justice was appointed as a mediator to resolve a dispute between the provincial Minister of Justice and the Court of Quebec Chief Justice over new judicial appointments and new work schedules for provincial court judges, a development viewed as regretful but necessary by legal observers.

Quebec access to justice bill opens door for notaries to sit on provincial court bench

An access to justice bill that will make free mediation mandatory and arbitration automatic for cases under $5,000 took the Quebec legal community by surprise as it also unexpectedly opens the door for notaries to be appointed to the bench of provincial courts.

Disclosing documents to police does not necessarily entail a waiver of privilege, holds Quebec Appeal Court

A voluntary disclosure of a report protected by privilege to assist police in a criminal investigation does not quash the privileges attached to the document held the Quebec Court of Appeal in overturning a lower court decision, the latest indication that case law surrounding privilege continues to evolve, according to a legal expert.

Montreal law firm teams up with Quebec video games non-profit

Montreal law firm De Grandpré Chait, a firm specializing in real estate since the beginning of the 20th C, is now branching out to the thriving and world-leading Quebec video game hub after it announced a partnership with a Quebec non-profit organization. In what has been described as an “imaginative way to do business” in […]