Category: Quebec

$115,000 in damages awarded to victim of wrongful arrest

Three police officers and the City of Montreal were ordered to pay $115,000 in damages following a wrongful arrest.

Mixed reaction over Quebec’s proposed youth protection reform

Quebec’s proposed youth protection reform will be ineffectual and be unable to deal with systemic-wide issues unless more monies are poured into the system.

Questions remain over Quebec’s GPS electronic tracking project for domestic violence offenders

A GPS electronic tracking project, the latest initiative the Quebec government has launched to fight domestic violence, raises questions.

Justiciability a major hurdle for climate change lawsuits, assert legal experts

A proposed climate change class action suit by a Montreal environment group against the federal government was denied certification, the latest in a series of climate change litigation cases that have been thwarted.

Quebec appeal court serves timely reminder over linguistic rights

The Quebec Court of Appeal served a timely reminder over the importance of linguistic rights after it ordered a new trial for a convicted drug trafficker whose right to be tried in English was violated.

New Quebec family bill raises troubling issues

A controversial Quebec family law bill has been lauded for creating a legal framework for the use of surrogate mothers but has been slammed for scaling back trans rights and possibly opening the door to a divisive debate over the rights of a foetus.

Quebec Court of Appeal sets clear guidelines over use of screening devices for breath samples

Police officers who demand drivers to provide breath samples must have an approved screening device with them to be able to immediately conduct the test, ruled a full bench of the Quebec Court of Appeal, upending its own previous guidance that allowed delays depending on the circumstances.

Expert group recommends salary hike for provincially appointed judges

A report recommending sizeable salary increases for the provincial judiciary lays the groundwork for further friction between the Quebec executive and the judiciary.

Quebec Appeal Court provides guidance to notaries over duty to inform

Quebec Appeal Court provides guidance for notaries over duty to inform.

Quebec enacts new corporate transparency framework

A new Quebec corporate transparency law will compel all private corporations and partnerships to disclose the identity and some information of the beneficial owners.

Report calls for paradigm shift to Quebec’s legal aid system

An independent panel of experts is calling for sweeping reforms to Quebec’s administration of the legal aid system.