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Arrest of Quebec politician sparks controversy

The fallout from the arrest of a well-respected former high-profile officer by Quebec’s anti-corruption squad continues unabated.

Questions linger more than a week after the bombshell that has been described as an “unprecedented attempt at intimidation.” Quebec Premier admitted that “we are faced with many more questions and answers of course and that includes me…It's not trivial. We haven't seen this very often. An elected parliamentarian being arrested without any true motives being been given.”…

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Access to justice Barreau du Quebec Quebec

Free legal advice provided this weekend by Young Bar of Montreal

The Young Bar of Montreal will provide free legal advice by telephone this weekend. Volunteer lawyers and notaries will be available to answer questions on a wide range of subjects, from consumer to family law to labour to the management of estates.

People can call the hotline at 1 844-779-6232 on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th from 9:00 to 16:30.

“The Clinic is an efficient and accessible service for all that allows us to respond to the growing needs of the community when it comes to justice," said Sophia Rossi, president of the Young Bar of Montreal, adding that she hopes to offer this service more frequently. The Bar has 5,000 members, composed of lawyers with ten years and less of practice.

The 29th edition of the “Legal Helpline” is an initiative conducted in partnership with the Barreau du Québec and the Centre d’accès à l’information Juridique (CAIJ).

“The activity, which is very much appreciated by our fellow Quebeckers, provides access to justice and, year after year, has proven to be an event not to be missed," said Paul-Matthieu Grondin, president of the Québec Bar.…

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Barreau du Quebec In the know Quebec

More than half of Quebec Bar members are women

The number of lawyers in Quebec has grown by 17 per cent over the past decade, with women leading the charge and now representing more than half of the Quebec Bar, according to a survey by the Quebec legal society.

There are 26,512 lawyers enrolled in the Quebec Bar, as of March 31, 2017, compared to 22,575 in 2008, according to a French-language report entitled “Sous la loupe de la diversité 2017” that was published by the Barreau du Québec.

It’s no wonder why young Quebec lawyers face bleak prospects. Even the new president of the Quebec Bar, Paul-Matthieu Grondin, remarked recently that it boiled down to a matter of supply and demand. A troubling report by the Young Bar of Montreal revealed last year that Quebec law students are having a harder time finding articling positions, getting paid less for them, and receiving fewer job offers after articling, and it urges the provincial law society to establish “reasonable” and variable quotas to curb the “uncontrolled” rising number of lawyers in the province.…

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Barreau du Quebec Quebec

New Quebec Bar president lays bare uncomfortable truths about Quebec justice

Barely a few minutes after reciting the oath as new president of the Quebec legal society, Paul-Matthieu Grondin laid bare uncomfortable truths about the Quebec justice system and the Quebec Bar itself.

Grondin won the first prize at the International Oratory Competition in Brussels, Belgium a couple of years ago, and it showed. Grondin laid out a crisp and sharp portrait of the challenges facing the legal world before an audience of Quebec legal heavyweights at the Chateau Frontenac in picturesque Quebec City. The Quebec Minister of Justice had a front row seat as did the Court of Quebec Chief Justice, the Court of Quebec Associate Chief Judge and Court of Quebec Associate Chief Judges.…

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Barreau du Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms Legal business Quebec Quebec Court of Appeal Rulings Supreme Court of Canada

Ruling could lead lawyers to think hard before voicing concerns about legal system

In a controversial decision, the Quebec Court of Appeal recently held that Quebec lawyers can criticize the legal system as long as it is done with dignified restraint, constructively and meets the public’s reasonable expectations of a lawyer’s professionalism.

But the appeal court decision has stoked fears that the ruling will engender a chilling effect, and prompt lawyers to think twice before voicing their concerns about the legal system in public for fear of being reprimanded by their law society.…

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Barreau du Quebec Legal business Quebec

A new clash between Quebec bar and former president

Here we go again. Another skirmish between a prominent Quebec City lawyer and the provincial law society that has turned ugly.

Lu Chan Khuong alleges that administrators of the Barreau du Québec illegally profited from an increase in attendance fees totaling $501,000. Khuong alleges that the Barreau’s current administrators illicitly boosted attendance fees paid to them for participating in meetings held by the law society from $300 to $800 without changing regulations. Khuong alleges that administrators charged $400 for teleconferences, and up to $800 for attending reunions.…

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Barreau du Quebec Legal business Quebec

Quebec law society leaves lawyers on their own to face disruptive technologies

The combination of market forces, increasingly stringent consumer demands and rapid technological developments means that it has never been more important for lawyers to invest and incorporate technology into their practice, asserts a report by the Quebec legal society that calls on members to shift away from hourly billing to alternative pricing arrangements.

Just as a wave of peer-to-peer, access-driven businesses has become a disruptive force in a slew of industries, from travel to car rentals to consumer goods to employment to finance, lawyers will have to “assimilate and be part of the movement instead of fighting” the changes that LegalTech will wreak, adds the report.…

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Barreau du Quebec Quebec

Quebec Bar pleased with federal budget, disappointed by provincial budget

A week after Quebec’s legal society commended the federal government’s 2017 budget for investing new monies and resources in the justice system, the Barreau du Québec deplored the “lack of vision” shown by the provincial government in its budget.

The Quebec budget, issued a day after the provincial government announced that a hiring blitz of some 300 people to help curtail mounting delays in the criminal justice system, does little to deal with the lags that are just as prevalent in administrative tribunals and the civil courts, contends the Barreau. Nor does the provincial budget introduce measures to expand financial eligibility thresholds for legal aid, pointed out the Barreau.…

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Barreau du Quebec Legal business Quebec

Husband and wife team hope to lead the Quebec Bar

In an unlikely turn of events, a husband and wife may end up leading the Quebec Bar.

Lu Chan Khuong, the former president of the Quebec legal society who reluctantly resigned after a bitter and protracted fracas with the board of directors of the Barreau du Québec, recently announced that she is going to try her luck once again.

Now her husband, Marc Bellemare, plans to run for a position in the legal society’s Board of Directors. Bellemare, a former Quebec justice minister, is a controversial figure in legal circles. He has long questioned the logic behind Quebec’s no-fault auto insurance program, which he maintains rewards criminals while denying victims the right to sue for more compensation.…

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