Category: Quebec Court of Appeal

Cuckold loses bid to strike his name off child’s birth certificate

A man who discovered that he was not the biological father of a child lost his bid before the Quebec Court of Appeal to strike his name off the child’s certificate.

A Quebec judge reflecting on challenges they face

Quebec Court of Appeal Justice Allan Hilton reflected on judges and lawyers grappling with the challenges emanating from Quebec’s unique cultural and linguistic make-up.

Immigration Act cannot be invoked to fight extradition

A Hungarian couple of Roma origin lost their bid to overturn an extradition order after the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled that the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act cannot be invoked to contest an extradition order.

DNA testing approved by appeal court

A police officer who obtained DNA from an unconscious patient in a hospital did not infringe the Criminal Code and the Charter, ruled the Quebec appeal court.

Insurers risk hefty bill if they (erroneously) conclude they have no duty to defend

Insurance companies who conclude that they have no duty to defend an insurer facing an action, and by extension no obligation to indemnify, risk being surprised with a hefty bill.

Quebec Appeal Court overturns ruling dealing with Mulroney-Schreiber affair

The Quebec Court of Appeal recently overturned a ruling that temporarily suspended a civil suit launched by German-Canadian lobbyist Karlheinz Schreiber against former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Quebec minister has wide powers over immigration rules appeal court

The Quebec government has wide discretionary powers to issue selection certificates to foreign nationals seeking to settle permanently in the province.

Media restrictions in courthouses does not obstruct freedom of expression

Québec media restricted from using cameras and conducting interviews except in designated areas of the courthouse.