Category: Rulings

Quebec Court of Appeal shuns strict approach towards sex offender registration

Quebec Court of Appeal steers away from rigid interpretation of sex offender registration.

Minigolf is a sport, rules tribunal

Mini-putt, or minigolf as it also known, has joined the ranks of bowling and billiard, and is now officially considered to be a sport in Quebec.

Cuckold loses bid to strike his name off child’s birth certificate

A man who discovered that he was not the biological father of a child lost his bid before the Quebec Court of Appeal to strike his name off the child’s certificate.

Blogger condemned to pay $125,000 for defamation

An exiled Senegalese journalist, now residing in Montreal, has been condemned to pay the son of the president of the Republic of Senegal $125,000 for defamation.

Immigration Act cannot be invoked to fight extradition

A Hungarian couple of Roma origin lost their bid to overturn an extradition order after the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled that the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act cannot be invoked to contest an extradition order.

Native leader condemned to pay $106,000 to his former lawyer

Guillaume Carle, a controversial native leader, was condemned to pay $106,295 to his former lawyer.

Pirate banned from movie theatres

A 25-year old Montrealer cannot enter a movie theatre nor own any recording device for the next two years after being convicted of illegally copying a film.

Sudoku will is valid, rules court

The last will and testament of a former teacher who lined several of the pages of the puzzle book with instructions that had changed the notarized will is valid, rules the court.

Security company held responsible for employee’s tort

A security company was ordered to pay $782,000 to an insurance company after Quebec Superior Court held that it was liable for tort committed by one of its employees.

DNA testing approved by appeal court

A police officer who obtained DNA from an unconscious patient in a hospital did not infringe the Criminal Code and the Charter, ruled the Quebec appeal court.

Slapshot costs mom $44,000

A mother has been ordered to pay $44,000 in damages after his 15-year old son slapped a puck that accidently struck a nine-year old boy in the face.