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Class action legal landscape in Canada is maturing

Class action lawsuits appear to be an increasingly pervasive force in today’s business world, with organizations of all stripes, from top publicly-traded companies to small regional enterprises, looking over their shoulders, anxiously watching an ever-evolving legal landscape to see where things are heading next.

And it’s not necessarily looking good as recent rulings appear to be favouring consumers, and not companies.When a deeply divided Supreme Court of Canada recently held that disgruntled customers in British Columbia can launch class action proceedings even though the fine print of their contracts calls for disputes to be settled through private and confidential mediation and arbitration, it seemed that the long-awaited decision in Seidel v. TELUS Communications Inc. 2011 SCC 15 was but the latest in a growing line of cases that highlights the growing exposure Corporate Canada faces over class action proceedings.

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