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Employer found guilty of manslaughter following fatal work accident

A general contractor has been found guilty of manslaughter after one of his employees was killed by being buried in a trench, marking the first time in Quebec that a breach of provincial occupational health and safety legislation served as the basis for a manslaughter conviction under the Criminal Code.

In a ruling lauded by health and safety lawyers and one of the province’s largest unions, Court of Quebec Judge Pierre Dupras found Sylvain Fournier, an excavation contractor, guilty of criminal negligence causing death under section 220(b) of the Criminal Code and manslaughter or involuntary culpable homicide under section 222(5)(a) of the Criminal Code, which provides that a person commits culpable homicide when he causes the death of a human being, “by means of an unlawful act.”

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This story was originally published in The Lawyer’s Daily


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