Telling remarks by Quebec Superior Court Justice Michel Pinsonnault issued during the Christmas holidays that reveals the state of Quebec’s justice system, an issue I have written about repeatedly over the years.

In Sprigg c. Cucuzzella, 2022 QCCS 4774, Justice Pinsonnault remarked:

[2]  As incredible as it may seem, this oppression remedy action instituted more than five years ago in November 2017 has still not been scheduled for trial on the merits.

[66 Five years having elapsed since the filing of the Oppression Remedy Demand, the irreconcilable business relationship between the parties herein must come to a much-needed resolution. Without casting any blame on anyone, given the stance adopted by each side, their commercial dispute can only be resolved with a judgment on the merits of each party’s contentions.

[70 The Court will not allow one party to take undue advantage of the other party in this judicial saga without due process.

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