High-profile Montreal lawyer wins battle for reinstatement against legal society

In a decisive setback for Quebec’s law society, a renown Montreal divorce lawyer who was originally disbarred for seven years for professional misconduct was immediately reinstated after a ruling by the Quebec Court of Appeal reaffirmed the appellate powers of an administrative tribunal and clarified the role of the Barreau du Québec’s review committee.

In a unanimous ruling the appeal court castigated the law society’s review committee for exceeding its mandate and taking on the role of a disciplinary committee while failing to take into account evidence that demonstrated that Micheline Parizeau had the aptitude and qualities to be reinstated into the profession.

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  1. The ruling in effect shrinks the leeway review committees may have had in the past, .If they had a tendency to go into the past and introduce elements that never were the object of a complaint, they will not be able to do so as they had in the Parizeau case.

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