Human foibles: Bodybuilder seeks damages over penis extender

A bodybuilder hailing from Granby, a town of 48,000 located in southwestern Quebec, is suing a Montreal company that sold him a penis extender that he alleges never lived up to its promise even after 500 hours of usage.

The bodybuilder is seeking $762, including $500 in moral and punitive damages, from HotGVibe, which sold him an X4 Extender Deluxe Edition through the Internet. According to HotGVibe’s website, the extender “comes equipped with everything you need to permanently increase your penis size and correct curvature.”

The bodybuilder began using the extender on September 2009, and after three months sought his money back, without success. Describing it as a “painful experience” that he would not recommend to anyone, the bodybuilder had hoped that his phallus would develop in proportion with the rest of his body.

A ruling from small claims court is expected shortly.

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