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Native leader condemned to pay $106,000 to his former lawyer

Guillaume Carle, a controversial native leader, was ordered to pay $106,295 to Jean-Carol Boucher, a Gatineau lawyer who represented Carle in his long and bitter fight against the Native Alliance of Quebec (NAQ).

On August 2003, Carle was elected Grand Chief of NAQ, a non-profit organization with 26,000 members and assets totalling $167 million. Towards the end of his mandate, Carle was impeached by NAQ’s Board of Directors, resulting in judicial saga that is still before the courts. (After being forced out by NAQ, Carle established his own group, Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada, that was behind an armed blockade over forestry regulations.)

Boucher represented Carle in his battle against the organization but the native leader paid only half of what he owed the lawyer. On June 2006, Carle divorced his wife, and handed her all of his assets

In a 31-page ruling, Quebec Superior Court Justice Martin Bédard ordered the sale of one of the assets in the hands of his “ex-wife” to pay Boucher.

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