New virtual currency targeted by Quebec financial watchdog

The Quebec Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal issued a series of expansive ex parte orders prohibiting Dominic Lacroix and several of his companies from promoting and soliciting investors for a new virtual currency set to be launched.

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7 thoughts on “New virtual currency targeted by Quebec financial watchdog

  1. R

    You missed BITCOIN train, it is gone. Many people regret for not having bought BITCOIN when it was lunched.
    So don’t make the same mistake with PLEXCOIN.

  2. Anonymous

    They doing well …now checking the option what is happening now

  3. Footieladbaz

    I was considering investing in Plexcoin, not least because their documents are so detailed. However, what put me off at the last minute was the removal of the option to pay by credit card. This suggests that card providers have not been able to pass Plexcoin as a valid merchant. Even a stallholder in a market can get a merchant account for credit cards so this doesn’t look good. Plexcoin also suggests Paypal is not an option because of the risk of scammers or purchasers insisting Paypal reverse a transaction. Whilst I accept this is also the case for credit cards, Plexcoin could have at least offered payment by debit card. They have not done this which returns me to my belief that no credit or debit card account supplier will allow them to be a merchant. QED – alarm bells and no investment from me.

  4. Anonymous

    Why the gouvernement do that and what happening if we do it, just 50 $ because if thats money realy be correct finally we miss the train! Remembrer the bitcoin!

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