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News roundup – Norbourg, Quebec crown prosecutors, Kanesatake

Vincent Lacroix, mastermind behind a $115 million swindle, will receive his conditional release from prison on January 27, 2011, after serving 16 months in jail. Lacroix, founder of the Norbourg trust fund, duped 9,200 investors, all of whom will get their monies back following an agreement in principle reached last week on a class-action settlement.


Quebec’s crown prosecutors, ostensibly the lowest paid in North America, voted on the weekend overwhelmingly in favour of increased pressure tactics, including a potential general strike.


Cathie Gauthier, a mother convicted of killing her three children in a failed suicide pact with her husband, is before the Quebec Court of Appeal today, arguing that the judge of first instance erred in giving instructions to the jury. En français.


Patrolling the Kanesatake reserve, just outside of Montreal, is expensive, reveals Radio-Canada. Since 2004, when a series of violent incidents took place, including the razing of former grand chief James Gabriel’s home, the Quebec provincial police force has been patrolling the reserve, at a cost of $350,000 per month. Negotiations are now taking place for Kanasatake peacekeepers to assume patrol duties.

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