Photo radar under the gun in Quebec

Photo radar tickets are under the gun in Quebec, following a series of decisions that have put thousands of tickets in jeopardy after the courts called into question the rules around the province’s use of the automated speed and red-light enforcement technology.

The fallout from the precedent-setting decision that held that evidence from the current photo system is “inadmissible” and “illegal” is already beginning to be felt at a time when Quebec is increasing the number of photo radar sites. Shortly after the landmark ruling issued in late November by Judge Serge Cimon of the Court of Quebec, another Court of Quebec judge heeded his guidance and tossed out 422 photo radar tickets. More recently still, two Montreal lawyers have filed two separate motions seeking authorization for class action lawsuits against the Quebec government to have hundreds of thousands of speeding and red-light tickets issued with photo radar evidence thrown out or refunded.

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This story was originally published in The Lawyers Weekly.

2 thoughts on “Photo radar under the gun in Quebec

  1. Len Deegan

    From Ontario: driving another person’s car said going 66KM thru a 50KM zone on road 201 on double lane each side. Mostly commercial. These machines giving ticket at 66 is not speeding but a money grab!!!!. Thats a 9,6 mile over the so called speed. Thats not speeding. that moving with other traffic.. Len

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