Surrogacy agreements illegal in Quebec

A woman who sought to be legally recognized as the mother of a child borne by a surrogate mother was thwarted by a Quebec Court judge who held that, unlike in the rest of Canada, surrogacy agreements are illegal in Quebec.

“This child does not have a right to maternal filiation at any cost,” said Judge Michel Dubois in his 11-page ruling.

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3 Replies to “Surrogacy agreements illegal in Quebec”

  1. This is nonsense. My wife and I are going through this process now. We had a surrogate ( my sister) carry my wife’s egg that had been fertilized by my sperm and then implanted into my sister’s uterus. We have our lawyer working to help us to have my wife written as the mother on paper. It isn’t the old days anymore, people are having children in different ways now and to tell someone they are not allowed to be called the mother is ridiculous. There is no actual meaning in the civil code of what is a mother. There is nothing written saying that a mother is necessarily the one who carried and gave birth to the child. Other provinces in Canada understand the meaning of a surrogate and how it works, why can’t Quebec update their systems and recognize the whole meaning behind it.

    1. I totally agree, this judge Dubois is some kind of a jerk to no end…he probably has kids of his own and don’t care about what people are going through that really would like to have kids…what a ridiculous judgment, he should get with the times, I just can’t get over this…what a stupid man, in Quebec they pay for 3 trial of IVF, so a women could have frozen eggs ready to be transferred but only if her endometrium is lush enough (at least 8 cm), so if there is a problem with getting that result from multiple trials, that means what…a judge can stop all this…why would they not allow surrogacy…my daughter is hypopituritism and cannot have an endometrium thick enough to carry a judge concludes that is it for her….that a farce…Quebec should embrace surrogacy to complete the IVF process…get with the times…and I say challenge Judge Dubois’s ruling…

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