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Telus overcharged clients who were billed early cancellation fees, rules Quebec appeal court

Telus became the third Canadian telecommunication giant ordered to pay clients who paid excessive cancellation fees after the Quebec Court of Appeal partially overturned a lower court decision that dismissed the class action.

Murder clauses

The list of private and public sector organizations that are trying to rewrite the rules and pass on risks to architects seems to be literally growing by the day.

Terms of contract usurp good faith, holds Quebec Appeal Court

Former employees of an asset management firm who claimed that they were unfairly bought out just before the company was sold lost a legal battle after the Quebec Court of Appeal held that the duty to act in good faith does not mean that a party to a contract must impoverish itself to enrich the other.

Why it matters: The Quebec appeal court reaffirms that the terms of a contract determines the rights of parties and that it almost always trumps the duty to act in good faith.