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Tips on information governance

There is no doubt that technology has increased ease and efficiency. But it has also created new challenges, and many law firms are struggling to keep pace with the deluge of electronically-stored information they have to deal with. Information governance can help, say experts.

Information governance is a business process that takes a centralized, global approach to managing information. Strategic coordination between various departments – information technology (IT), records and information management (RIM), security, and privacy – is critical to avoid siloing. This is, of course, easier said than done.

“You are asking, in many cases, employees to think about information in a way that they have never done,” points out Sheila Taylor, CEO of Ergo Information Management Consulting.

Information Governance: Taming a world of chaos

Thanks to the alarming surge of breaches and the inconceivable reams of data, clients are increasingly putting pressure – and in many cases demanding – higher standards on how outside counsel secure their data and manage access to it. A growing number of law firms determined to keep pace with the new challenges created by mounting security requirements and the data deluge are tackling the issues through a different prism, and turning their attention towards becoming shepherds of all the information in their hands by embracing a relatively new approach — information governance.

Up until recently known generally within narrow technical circles, the enterprise-wide approach to the management and protection of a law firm’s client and business information assets has gained increasing attention, especially over the past year. It is a business process that covers the management of all facets of information during its lifecycle, from its creation, use, processing, protection, management, all the way to its disposition.

But information governance is much more than electronic records management on steroids.