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Request for recusal highlights need for judicial guidelines over social media

A Quebec judge who was asked by defense lawyers to recuse herself from presiding over a multi-defendant drug trial because many of her “friends” on Facebook are Crown prosecutors highlights the need for a comprehensive guideline to help judges navigate the world of social media and developing technologies, assert legal observers.

Quebec Court judge castigated by his peers, again

Nearly a year after being castigated by the provincial magistrates’ council for overstepping his boundries by incarcerating a police officer for 45 minutes who ostensibly lacked respect, Quebec Court Judge Claude Provost was reprimanded again by his peers. The Conseil de la Magistrature, whose mandate includes ensuring compliance with judicial ethics, reproached Judge Provost in a 33-page ruling for behaving as a prosecutor, asking questions in an aggressive tone more fitting of a cross-examination, and failing to be objective.