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McGill law professors stage one-day strike to spur productive negotiations

A newly certified bargaining unit representing McGill law professors staged a one-day strike after negotiations with the university administration over its first collective agreement stalled, the first time since the university’s founding two hundred years ago that professors erected picket lines on campus.

Crown prosecutors taking Quebec government to court in wage dispute

Quebec Crown prosecutors, “dismayed and insulted” by the Quebec government’s “bad faith” during negotiations, filed a motion before Quebec Superior Court to invalidate a government decision that affects their working conditions.

Quebec ruling ‘important step forward’ for labour rights

Quebec’s provincial police officers, dissatisfied with the progress of labour negotiations, will begin donning colourful cargo pants, a tactic that was given the green light by a ruling that recognizes the right to modify uniforms as an “associational activity” that could be protected by the Canadian Charter.

Another labour dispute strikes Quebec’s justice system

The list of actors in the Quebec justice system who have grievances against the Quebec government continues to flourish.