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New guidance provided Quebec Appeal Court over forced hospitalizations

An elderly single woman spearheaded a significant advancement for the rights of people who are ordered to be hospitalized after the Quebec Court of Appeal considerably broadened the obligations of the courts and healthcare institutions.

Death shows lack of police training to deal with people in crisis

A 2017 fatal Montreal police shooting of a man underlined a lack of sufficient training to de-escalate situations when faced with people in the midst of a mental health crisis, found a Quebec coroner.

Young lawyers struggling with psychological distress, reveals study

More than 40 per cent of Quebec lawyers suffer from psychological distress, with young lawyers with less than 10 years of experience more prone to experiencing mental health issues, according to a study by researchers at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Law students hiding mental health issues and alcohol and drug use

A “significant percentage” of American law students are grappling with mental health and alcohol and drug problems, reveals a recent study, the first to assess alcohol and drug use among law students since 1991 and the first ever to assess prescription use or misuse, mental health issues, and help-seeking attitudes.

More troubling is that law students are afraid of seeking help because they fear that it may jeopardize their chances of being admitted to the bar or getting a good job. Law students, “socialized into a competitive environment in which showing any vulnerability is discouraged,” are also afraid of the social stigma that may be associated with seeking help, according to the study.

Mental health court launched, though skepticism lingers

The Montreal Municipal Court became the latest jurisdiction in Canada to launch a mental health court even though a coalition of local community organizations sought a moratorium and a study to examine the effectiveness of specialized courts for mentally ill people.