Bank ordered to pay nearly $50,000 in damages

The Toronto-Dominion Bank was ordered to pay nearly $50,000 in damages to a Montreal businessman of Iranian descent for failing to act reasonably when it cancelled his personal and money-services business accounts without explanation.

The scathing 15-page ruling by Quebec Superior Court Justice Gregory Moore illustrates yet again the reach of good faith under the Civil Code of Quebec, sheds light on TD Bank’s questionable litigation practices and tactics, and raises questions over the bank’s debatable understanding of its obligations as a financial institution dealing with economic sanctions.

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Quebec first province to regulate money-services industry

A recently passed bill that made Quebec the first province to regulate the money-services industry has elicited mixed reactions, drawing praise by some who see it as a blessing for legitimate small businesses catering to ethnic communities, unease by others who are concerned about the potential broad reach of the law, and baffled some legal observers who wonder why the provincial government appears to be duplicating an already existing federal law.

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