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Quebec court applies Jordan ceilings to white collar crime

A Quebec man accused of tax evasion by provincial tax authorities won an “important” legal battle after the Court of Quebec applied the landmark Jordan ruling and ordered a stay of proceedings and charges.

Quebec tax authorities target construction sector

A targeted program launched by Revenue Quebec to recover monies from employers and employees in the construction industry recouped nearly $1.2 billion in the past three fiscal years but critics say that the tax authority could recover more monies and curb black market activities more efficiently by introducing a series of easy-to-implement measures.

News roundup: Tainted water, a falling-tree fatality and a lawyer fined for tax evasion

News roundup: A tainted water class action, the Supreme Court of Canada tackles Quebec’s no-fault insurance plan, and a lawyer fined for tax evasion.

News roundup – Impaired driving, tax evasion & co-founder suing law firm

About 2,500 Quebecers are challenging impaired driving charges, a situation that is becoming “less and less manageable,” according to the Quebec Attorney General.