Tough on crime agenda suffers another blow

The federal government’s tough-on-crime agenda suffered another blow after the Quebec Court of Appeal ruled that a legislative amendment slipped into the 2012 omnibus bill that effectively ended mandatory parole board hearings following a suspension, termination or revocation of parole or statutory release was of no force in the province.

In a highly-anticipated ruling by the prison law community, the Quebec Court of Appeal held that the legislative change, a cost-savings measure expected to recoup $1.6 million, breached rights guaranteed under section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In a similar vein, the Supreme Court of Canada last year ruled that a federal law passed in 2011 that retroactively abolished accelerated parole review for offenders who had already been sentenced violates a person’s Charter right to not be punished again.

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  1. Thliveris Law Corporation 1 204 477 1174 are filing a class action suit against all parties for damages under Charter s.24(1) and loss of income claim for wrongful incarceration in regards to accelerated parole review. What the government had done to the 747 inmates effected across the country was a charter violation..I urge you to call and stand up for your rights.

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