Vincent Lacroix criminal trial about to begin

More than 1,500 people will be parading through the corridors of the Palais de Justice in Montreal over the next three days, summoned as potential candidates in the long-awaited criminal proceedings against Vincent Lacroix, the founder of defunct mutual fund company Norbourg Asset Management Inc., who was sentenced to 12 years in a 2007 civil trial after being found guilty of 51 Quebec Securities Act violations for having defrauded 9,200 investors of $115-million between 2000 and 2005.

The 42-year old Quebecer, whose sentence was subsequently reduced to eight-and-a-half years and then to five years less a day last month by the Quebec Court of Appeal, faces nearly 200 criminal charges of fraud, conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to commit forgery, fabricating documents and money laundering laid by the RCMP following their investigation into Norbourg.

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  1. I am not specifically familiar with each of the specific charges laid against Vincent Lacroix both in the Civil Proceedings and the recent criminal proceedings, however, I suspect they all stem from the same acts committed. Given that the Civil proceedings led to penal consequences and given that such penal consequences involved incarceration, and finally considering that there is a strong probability that the criminal accusations stem from the same acts for which Vincent Lacroix was already incarcerated, does not the Kienapple principle of double jeopardy apply?

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