Youth protection authorites admonished by appeal court

Admonished by the Quebec Court of Appeal for single-mindedly trying to place a child before giving an opportunity to the parents to fulfill their parental responsibilities, youth protection authorities now face a more stringent test before envisioning adoption as a “solution to a difficult situation.”

In overturning a lower court ruling that authorized youth protection authorities to proceed with the placement of a child for adoption, the appeal court also provided guidance to courts of first instances, reminding them that they have a responsibility to question decisions made by youth protection, as is foreseen by the Youth Protection Act (Act).

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4 Replies to “Youth protection authorites admonished by appeal court”

  1. I have been helping a family get their children back but it feels like the social service is above the law.The parents have four children in the foster care and one new born they are trying to take away from the parents. The parents have done everything that has been asked from social service, I personally know the parents and have seen them come along way from a couple of years ago. The parents do not drink or do drugs they have been doing drug test every week and have never found drugs in the system but still counts for nothing in the social services eyes. The parents received a judgement on the two oldest which came back saying one comes back in 6 months and the other in a year, then they receive the judgement for the two younger ones saying they are placed till 18yrs old. NOW does that make sense? also they are trying to come after the new born child with the same allegations they came at parents the first time they went and took the other children. The parents do work with the social worker for their kids they even get visiting rights every week but supervised in the social workers building which has been going on for a couple of years. I do not understand how the social workers can get away with this its unbelievable, the social workers should be put on the stand to answer the parents questions but of course the courts wouldn’t have that they believe anything the social worker says even if its a lie. The social workers should be showing proof of what they say not just what they think or want to believe instead of finding hard evidence to what they give the judge. I am telling you there are a lot of lawyers out there that screw you and work with the DPG to keep your kids. I have not been able to find a good family lawyer who doesn’t work with the social workers. If anyone knows a good-good lawyer in Quebec who fights against social service please give me the number.

    1. URGENT???? Have you found such a lawyer? I need one as soon as possible as i go to court in May, 2017. Please if you have any suggestions, send to me. I live in Sherbrooke, Que.

    2. This ruling seems to be very pertinent in terms of any child’s Best Interests – congratulations to everyone who contributed to this story as well as those advocating for children’s rights in general 🙂 . Jean Jacques (John) Ranger

  2. Hello,
    I know I am commenting well after this story was published, but I know someone who is currently going through exactly this type of experience. The DPJ took her kids about a month ago, placed them in a French (Black, and I don’t mean any disrespect) foster home, then split them up after the foster parents decided 2 young kids were more than they can handle. It should be noted that we have known the mother for over 20 years, and both my daughter and I volunteered to take the children in. However, because we are not blood relatives, they denied out requests.

    I am working to find avenues to broadcast this atrocity as the people involved should be prosecuted. The more research I do, the more cases I am finding.

    Thank you

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