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Landmark decision issued by Quebec appeal court over the freedom of peaceful assembly

The Quebec appeal struck down a municipal bylaw that compelled organizers of public demonstrations to submit their plans and itinerary to city police, a landmark decision commended as a “genuine advance” on the “least judicially explored freedom” and the first decision by a Canadian appellate court that comprehensively examines the scope of the freedom of peaceful assembly (2c) as a separate Charter right.

Legislation that forced government lawyers and notaries back-to-work unconstitutional

A Quebec court ruling that declared unconstitutional a special law that forced provincial government lawyers and notaries to put a halt to the longest Canadian strike by public civil servants may give them much-needed ammunition to persuade the Quebec government to introduce binding arbitration, according to legal experts.

Ruling that struck down the ban on homegrown cannabis may set the stage for another constitutional legal battle

In a decision that may set the stage for yet another constitutional legal battle over the province’s proposed strict draft regulations on cannabis edibles, Quebec Superior Court held that the two sections of the Quebec Cannabis Regulation Act that prohibited Quebec residents from growing or possessing cannabis plants at home for personal use were unconstitutional because it infringes upon the federal Parliament’s exclusive authority on criminal law.