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Quebec hires more judges and Crown prosecutors to curb delays

Under growing pressure to mitigate a growing backlog of cases in the criminal justice system, the Quebec government announced on December 2016 that it was going to pour $175.2 million over the next four years to recruit new judges, prosecutors and support staff to help curb mounting court delays.

They are finally delivering – and more.

Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée announced this week that 16 new judges were appointed to the Court of Quebec plus two more who will replace recent departures. The provincial government promised 45 more Crown prosecutors but they ended up hiring 52 since last December along with some 50 support staff to help them out. As well 38 correctional services officers were hired, 16 special constables, 32 probation officers and more support staff at the Quebec Ministry of Justice. All told more than 300 were hired. On top of that, three new hearing rooms are now operational in Montreal and Laval.

Report urges overhaul of Quebec megatrials

A cultural change that emphasizes collaboration between all players of Quebec’s criminal justice system is the only way to ensure that costly and unwieldly megatrials do not end up in fiascos, according to a well-received comprehensive report on multi-defendant trials.

The long-awaited 180-page report also urges the Quebec government to provide more resources to the province’s Director of Penal and Criminal Prosecutions (DPCP), recommends that Quebec crown prosecutors limit the number of accused and concentrate their efforts on criminals most involved in serious crimes, advises the creation of a permanent forum for stakeholders to share best practices, proposes that police and prosecutors take management training, and calls on judges to use the powers they have more effectively. All told, the report makes 51 wide-ranging recommendations.