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Class action against Bell certified

Joey Zukran is a busy man. The Montreal lawyer who spearheaded a class action over photo radar tickets following a series of decisions that have put thousands of tickets in jeopardy after the courts called into question the rules around the province’s use of the automated speed and red-light enforcement technology is at again.

This time, he has Bell Canada in his sights. Zukran has launched a class action on behalf of Montreal resident Shay Abicidan that alleges that the largest telecommunications firm in the country is misleading customers that its high-speed internet service delivers a fibre optic network to homes.

The class action, certified yesterday by Quebec Superior Court Daniel Bisson, alleges that the company has falsely advertised its Fibe television and Internet service. An Internet-based television service, Bell Fibe uses a fibre optic internet network to connect to homes. In many cases however the fibre optic wiring is sent to a neighborhood node which in turn is connected to residential homes through copper phone wires. The class alleges that Bell is misrepresenting its adverstisements, in violation of article 41 of the Quebec Consumer Protection Act.

Compensatory and punitive damages in amounts have yet to be determined.

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