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Third parties receive immunity from damages under Quebec’s no-fault insurance automobile regime

Quebec’s no-fault insurance automobile regime leaves no place for medical malpractice suits or lawsuits alleging negligence, carelessness, or recklessness committed by third parties following a car accident, held the Quebec Court of Appeal in two separate but related rulings.

In yet another forceful reminder that injuries connected to a motor vehicle are covered by the Quebec Automobile Insurance Act, the Quebec appeal court reaffirmed that a “large and liberal interpretation” must be given by the courts when interpreting what is considered to be an automobile accident and the causal link required between the accident and the damage suffered by the victim.

But the two rulings, Gargantiel v. Quebec (Procureure générale) 2015 QCCA 224 and Pagé v. Godbout 2015 QCCA 225, not only blocks victims from being adequately compensated but also shields third party interveners such as doctors and police from being held civilly liable for faults they may have committed after the accident, assert medical malpractice experts.