Category: Environmental law

Right to repair gathering momentum but Quebec stalling

The right to repair is gathering momentum, except it is stalling in Quebec.

Justiciability a major hurdle for climate change lawsuits, assert legal experts

A proposed climate change class action suit by a Montreal environment group against the federal government was denied certification, the latest in a series of climate change litigation cases that have been thwarted.

Quebec river granted legal personhood, a first in Canada

An internationally renowned whiteriver in Quebec was granted legal personhood, a first in Canada, in an effort to protect its ecosystems from future development following the adoption of two parallel resolutions by a local indigenous community and municipality, setting the stage for a similar effort for the St. Lawrence River.

Arctic freeze

A historic legally-binding agreement that would prohibit commercial fishing in the high seas of the Central Arctic Ocean as a precautionary measure was signed by nine nations and the European Union.