Category: Health law

Parents appeal decision to remove allowing hospital to remove child’s breathing tube

The parents of a five-year old child who has been in a coma for the past six months will appeal a Quebec Superior Court decision allowing a Montreal children’s hospital to permanently remove the breathing apparatus in a heart-breaking case that is in line with jurisprudence, according to health law experts.

Montreal hospital ordered to pay $15,000 to parents

The McGill University Health Centre was ordered by small claims court to pay $15,000 to the parents of a 33-year-old man who died.

New federal regulatory amendments allow physicians to request restricted psychedelics

The federal government quietly enacted long-awaited amendments that allow healthcare practitioners to request access to restricted drugs, like psychedelics.

Quebec’s vaping legislation upheld by Appeal Court

The Quebec Appeal Court upheld the constitutionality and right of the province to apply its tough and comprehensive tobacco legislation on e-cigarettes, including robust restrictions on vaping advertising.

Anti-vaxxer mom loses bid to prevent her kids from being vaccinated

An anti-vaxxer mother lost her bid to prevent her two children from being vaccinated.

The push to decriminalize magic mushrooms

The drive towards decriminalizing or legalizing psychedelics such as magic mushrooms is gaining momentum. Galvanized by research exploring the medicinal promise of psychedelics as a potential treatment for mental health disorders, patients’ groups and the business and medical community are pushing to make psychedelics more readily legally accessible.

Legal questions surface around Quebec’s curfew

A province-wide four-week curfew instituted by the Quebec government to stem COVID-19 infection rates and to serve as an “electroshock therapy” to deter people who have been flouting public health measures was launched without providing any grounds based on evidence that justifies the breaches of the Canadian and Quebec Charter, according to legal experts.