Employers’ obligation to protect psychological well-being of workers expanded by Quebec bill

The Quebec government, in an initiative welcomed by business and labour, is in the final stages of passing legislation that aims to further prevent and fight psychological harassment and sexual violence in the workplace by adding legal presumptions to make it easier to prove an employment injury or illness stemmed from violence at the hands of a co-worker or employer representative.

Controversy erupts after Quebec Appeal Court grants asylum seekers access to subsidized daycare

Asylum seekers in Quebec, after waging a long legal battle, can now have access to subsidized daycare after the Quebec Court of Appeal found that a provincial policy was discriminatory in a decision hailed by legal experts but mired in political controversy.

McGill law professors stage one-day strike to spur productive negotiations

A newly certified bargaining unit representing McGill law professors staged a one-day strike after negotiations with the university administration over its first collective agreement stalled, the first time since the university’s founding two hundred years ago that professors erected picket lines on campus.

French Language Charter draft regulations provides more clarity but questions remain

An eagerly awaited draft regulation intended to yield guidance on amendments introduced by Bill 96 to the Charter of the French Language sheds light on certain areas but raises additional questions, is more restrictive, has more onerous requirements and risks alienating some sectors of the business world, according to legal pundits.

Crown prosecutors taking Quebec government to court in wage dispute

Quebec Crown prosecutors, “dismayed and insulted” by the Quebec government’s “bad faith” during negotiations, filed a motion before Quebec Superior Court to invalidate a government decision that affects their working conditions.

Quebec Judicial Council and provincial government still at odds

The Quebec Judicial Council and the Quebec Justice Minister still do not see eye-to-eye.

Strip search not discriminatory, rules Quebec Appeal Court

A Quebec Human Rights Tribunal that found that a prisoner had been discriminated against during a strip search because he had been viewed by a correctional services officer of the opposite sex was overturned by the Quebec Court of Appealed a Human Rights Tribunal decision.

Weekly recap – 20 Jan 2024

Company ordered to pay $1.5 million to settle alleged bid-rigging. Questions over digital assets linger. Smoking can be costly. Federal Court issues notice over generative AI.

Human rights lawyers hail Quebec tribunal’s finding that pension provision is discriminatory

A legislative provision in the Act respecting the Quebec Pension Plan that financially penalizes disability claimants at age 65 was declared unconstitutional because it infringed the right to equality under the Canadian Charter.

Montreal lawyer disqualified as representative counsel in proposed cryptocurrency class action

A Montreal lawyer was disqualified as representative counsel in proposed cryptocurrency class action.

New trend in case law emerges dealing with work-related psychological trauma

A new trend in case law dealing with work-related psychological trauma has emerged over the past year that both clarifies the test dealing with workplace mental injury and will likely lighten the burden for employees to make their case, according to legal pundits.