Artificial intelligence: Law firms are a hard sell

Fernando Garcia is looking forward to the day when he can get his hands on Beagle, an automated contract analysis system powered by artificial intelligence that reads contracts in seconds, highlights key information visually with easy-to-read graphs and charts, and gets “smarter” with each reviewed contract. Also on his bucket list is an offering by yet another Canadian legal tech start-up, Blue J Legal, that too uses AI to scan legal documents, cases files and decisions to predict how courts will rule in tax decisions. At a time when the majority of in-house counsel are under intense pressure to shave costs and run a lean team, such powerful tools are a godsend. “There’s always that pressure to do more with less so when a tool comes along that can provide more efficiency, more risk mitigation, and can let you do your job better and focus on providing value-added, it is a strategic advantage,” noted Garcia, general counsel, government affairs and corporate secretary with Nissan Canada Inc. “It’s going to fundamentally change our job.”

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This story was originally published in the magazine Canadian Lawyer.

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