Truth & Consequences

Edgar Schmidt, a soft-spoken lawyer, joins a growing list of Canadian whistleblowers who quickly discover that disclosing potential wrongdoing in the workplace almost always leaves them vulnerable. […]

Workplace privacy: “People don’t understand”

In light of recent disturbing revelations over the reach and scope of government surveillance, privacy is on people’s minds. Here is a story I wrote about workplace privacy and the issues employers and the legal profession are grappling with. […]

Top court overturns two decisions by Quebec Court of Appeal in the space of a week

In the space of a week, the nation’s top court overruled two decisions by the Quebec Court of Appeal. Last week the Supreme Court of Canada rebuked the appellate court for interpreting legislation governing Quebec’s no-fault insurance plan too narrowly. Yesterday the Supreme Court found that the Quebec appeal court erred in its interpretation of the defence of provocation, and restored a second-degree murder conviction in the case of a Montreal woman who stabbed her sister-in-law 45 times in 2004. […]

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